Welcome to our website. Since 2003, Welding Technologies has been providing best-in-class work in almost every welding process, plate metal fabricating, and machining services. We hope our website will showcase our expertise in these areas, give you a closer look at the high-quality skill set our team of people possess, and provide you with a few examples of some of the diverse and sophisticated projects we produce at Welding Technologies on a daily basis.

At Welding Technologies our primary goal is satisfying our customers’ needs through quality on-time delivery of best-in-class engineering, welding, metal fabricating, and machining services. Our welders carry American Welding Society certifications in the whole spectrum of welding processes, and all our employees are experienced in plate metal fabricating. We provide a good number of machining services as well through our sister company Shaw Industries and are a full service provider of manufactured goods from engineering and design through painting and coating.

We fabricate and repair components and parts across a broad array of industry from Mining, Transportation, Forging and Foundry, Plastics Manufacturing, Oil and Gas Exploration, to Structural Steel Fabrication. We have in-depth experience in working with large parts, especially in the mining industry. Our experience with global companies means that whatever your company’s metal requirement, Welding Technologies has the understanding and flexibility to meet and exceed your every day demands.

In addition, Welding Technologies offers contract manufacturing services for companies who have detailed specifications but lack the infrastructure to manufacture components and assemblies themselves. Our rigorous quality standards apply to our contract manufacturing as well as all other work, so clients who use our services are always satisfied.

If you are looking for best-in-class work in welding, plate metal fabricating, or machining, you’ve found the right company. Please explore our website and see for yourself what Welding Technologies has to offer.