About Us

Founded by Jasen Fry in 2003 in Conneaut Lake PA, Welding Technologies began life providing repair work for the forging industry. In October 2004, the company moved to Franklin, PA, adding welding processes and metal fabrication to its service offerings. With increased work in fabricated metal, a variety of machine services, and opportunities with structural steel, the company saw impressive growth in its number of customers, mostly in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. During this period the company acquired a burn table, a press brake, and stress relieving and heat treatment ovens enabling them to establish a niche in larger fabrications. This specialty has continued to the present day.

The company has since grown to offer clients a full range of services, from engineering and design through painting and coating. Painting and Powder Coating functions are typically contracted with a third party, but Weld Tech is pleased to be able to take these issues off our customers’ minds. In that context, the company offers contract manufacturing for companies who lack the infrastructure or capacity to manufacture their own parts.

We have experience in the mining, forging, steel, and construction industries. Our welders are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the American Petroleum Institute (API). Their commitment to excellence means high satisfaction for our customers.