Industries Served

In our years of experience we have served a variety of industries. We believe we are given these opportunities because we offer our customers the best quality at a fair market price. Below is a list of just a few of the industries Welding Technologies has served throughout the past years.


Welding Technologies builds and refurbishes equipment for different mining companies, specializing in large parts and including up to 30,000-lb. fabrications. Our experience in the mining industry is extensive. Much of our work in this industry is driven by mining equipment manufacturers who turn to us for our well-known building and refurbishing services. We have the skills to disassemble, re-weld, and reassemble mining equipment so it can be put back in service. Welding Technologies has the expertise necessary to fabricate and transport needed components, regardless of size, and has a strong working relationship with the the area’s top trucking firms.


From the very beginning the owner of Welding Technologies has worked hands on with both repairing and building new a variety of components for the Forging Industry. Rams, Sow blocks, bolsters, rotary hammers, and both open and closed dies are just a few of the projects that we handle here at our facility on a daily basis. We have three specialized die welding centers with modern welding rigs, heated die welding tables, laser temp readout gauges for maintaining inter-pass heat requirements and three gas fired oven of various sizes for both pre and post heat treatments. We have over a decade of success with forging component repairs and service a wide variety of Forging Industry.


Steel welding, steel fabrication, as well as stainless steel welding and stainless steel fabrication, are all part of our expertise and experience at Welding Technologies. We refurbish – or manufacture new – bearing housings, water boxes, rolls, and numerous other steel parts needed by our customers. Our reputation for best-in-class service and reliable results has meant that Welding Technologies is the go-to company in welding and fabrication of steel and stainless.

Contract Manufacturing

For a company lacking the facilities to manufacture a product, selecting the right custom contract manufacturing provider is a critical step along the pathway to selling that product. Welding Technologies offers turnkey contract manufacturing, from print to finished product. Understanding the potential risks of outsourcing, we apply our high quality standards to everything we make. As with other aspects of our business, we specialize in manufacturing large parts involving heavy fabrication. We are able to make a part series of any quantity, accepting blanket purchase orders. We also offer individual parts and setups to fit specific needs.